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After releasing two chart topping singles, “The Past” and “Ain’t Supposed
To Cry” (both peaking atharts)
R&B crooner, Shaliek follows up strong with his third single, “I’ll Give It
Up”. The Rockwilder-produced track is a heartfelt record that outlines the
emotions of a man who would give up all his unappreciated ways to win back
the love of his life.

Check out the new track from the Bronx born singer, off his debut album,
“Blood, Sweat, Tears”.

Soundcloud Link:

Shaliek’s debut album is available on Itunes now

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Get Shaliek’s Debut Album Blood, Sweat, Tears || iTunes Now!

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Hope for Teens and Depression http://awe.sm/dKTBr via @CatePane

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HOUSE FOR RENT Stunning Views
21 Hidden Hill Rd, Weston, CT 06883
$2,800/month 3 Bed 2 Full Bath
2,000 Sq Ft 2 Acres

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Let Dads be Dads – First Things First Family Prize Pack #Giveaway

Let Dads be Dads – First Things First Family Prize Pack #Giveaway http://awe.sm/aKTRN

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I’m going to the Silicon Valley.

Or I will be, if I win this contest from General Assembly.

Check it out:

@VickensMoscova Micha-El Bey

Founder of @VM_Enterprises

Social Media Influencer|Writer/Blogger|On Camera Media Host|DJ|Marketing

Correspondent for: @OmnipresenceMed


Brand Ambassador for: @MattieuEthan

Contributor: @MusicInsiderMag

Affiliations: @YRBMagazine


Mobile: 8486284873

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IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential.
They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received
this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not
disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof.

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You will find an Article on Starting Business Credit Here:

I have edited this with my knowledge.

Updated: 04/16/2013

This is what worked for me. Use it only as a guide. I think it can really
help people that want to know the general process of how things work in the
”new age” of establishing business credit.

Ok if you want to get some business credit it’s NOT going to be instant. If
you look in my signature where it lists my trades you can see exactly how
much I have and who has extended me credit. Starting from the top. Left to
right. Is the order they were obtained. So you can look at it as
”Easiest” to Hardest” if your just starting out.

The first thing you need to do is sign up with google places using your
business name and information.. 411 directory. White pages online. Yellow
pages online. Superpages online. And any other directory you can find. It’s
hard to get listed with 411 but it’s a must if you want credit. A lot of
times before businesses will extend credit they will verify the business
information by searching for the phone number on 411. Getting listed on 411
will take a cupple of months. Unfortunatly thats just how long it takes.
411 Get’s their information from other ”Sources” as well as accepting
submissions through their own site.. By signing up for everything above it
will not only help you get listed quicker but it will help you receive more
business when people search for ”Towing company’s” ect. Trust me. The
phone will start ringing off of the hook.

Remote Call Forwarding Number for Business from ATT will also get you
listed in Information.

Next. Sign up with DNB.

DNB can automaticly create a file for you if you have been in business for
a while (Similiar to how 411 works, You don’t have to actually sign up with
them but you can still get listed. (Just takes longer). It’s best if you
sign up with DNB before they create a file for you. If they create a file
with incorrect owner information it may be hard for you to get in at that
time because you won’t be able to ”verify” the correct information they
have on file, Which may be incorrect.



DNB has a credit file for your business and reports ”Trade lines” (Net
30’s, Net 7’s, Some revolving,Net 14’s ect) and your payment history from
company’s that CHOOSE to report to DNB. DNB mainly handles NET accounts.
Revolving accounts are usually reported to Experian or Equifax . These are
the only 3 business credit reorting agencies that you need to worry about.
DNB is FREE! DNB is FREE! I can sign on and look at my payment history,
Change company information and dispute tradlies that are not mine (Happens
occasionally. If they are reporting good leave them. If they are derogatory
dispute them) at any time through IUPDATE. DNB will call you every month or
after you sign on through IUPDATE and try to tell you that you have to buy
a credit package from them for you to get any credit ect. WRONG! They will
tell you that 14 business have tried accessed your credit file but enless
you have this package they won’t be able access your file.You won’t realize
it at first but almost every time they call you they will be attempting to
sell yo something. You won’t realize it untill after they are talking with
you for a cupple of minutes. Do yourself a favor and simply ask them to
take you off of their calling list. If not expect to hear from them at
least once a month or everytime you check your file on DNB. They will lie
to your face and try to sell you the shoes you walked in the door with. I
am fine with selling things, but not lying in an attempt to sell things.

With the old E-Update (Before they changed it to IUPDATE) you had to call
in to get access to be able to login online to view anything. If this is
still the case AGAIN they will try to say that you have to buy a credit
package to be able to veiw anything about your company through IUPDATE.
Tell them as many times as it takes…. “’ No thanks I’d jut like access to
IUPDATE”. DNB gives sales people a bad rap. They will lie to your face.
They will probably tell you it can’t be done anymore without paying for one
of their packages. If you can’t get anywhere call back and talk to someone

Next you can start calling the companys listed in my signature. Again
starting from left to right. Some will ask to pre-pay for 90 days .You may
be able to get your credit file going quicker if they do give you the
prepay option and you decide to take it. Some won’t ask at all. I choose
not to prepay for those that asked. Which was ULINE. Grainger is one of the
easiest accounts to get. You can usually get it as long as you are listed
with the Secratary of State. Even if you don’t have any other business
credit. Usually they will start you off with a 1000.00 Credit line. It’s
best to place an order of about 75.00 or above that way it reports as
100.00 (It’s usually rounded up). 50.00 trade lines are ok but 100’s or
above look better. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need enless you just have that
money to waste. Some companys take months to report. Some take weeks.

Grainger and quill are the quickest to report (Out of thetrade lines that I
have). They usually report within weeks. Some of the trades in my signature
ask for a DNB number and some do not. They can find you on DNB even if you
don’t give them one by simply searching using their software. The company’s
in my signature are company’s that I know of that REPORT to DNB with the
EXCEPTION of global industrial and Pep boys (Does not report) and ULINE
(Which does report but they asked me to pre-pay for 90 days and I said no
thanks). A lot of other companys offer NET accounts but don’t report.
Usually those are smaller company’s.

Once you start viewing your report online you will have a good idea on
whats going on and when you can move to the next step. I try to order from
everyone about every 2-3 months. That way the information stays current. I
did this especially when I first started up. The trades will stay on your
DNB report for about two years with no activity. So that means really you
only need to order once from any giving company that does report to DNB.
DNB will refresh the info listed on your report with any new info reported
by creditors. So if you purchase 1000.00 from quill and then two months
down the road you purchase a small 50.00 order, that 50.00 order will soon
replace the 1000.00 trade amount that is being reported. Not good when
trying to build credit.

And for anyone wondering, I never had over 100.00 trades reporting when
building business credit in the initial stages. My higest cl on DNB was 250
(but showed 750 because there were three 250 trades stacked because they
reported under the same catagory to DNB but were infact three different
trades.) So if someone tells you that you have to make sure that 1 and 2
thousand dollar trades are reporting then come tell them to read this
And for those of you wondering about Experian and Equifax CRA’s that I
mentioned earlier (The only other two major business CRA’s out there)
there’s a little trick on checking your progress with them. Experian no
longer shows the number of trades the business has and now only shows if
the business has one or more trade lines and does not give a specific
number. Equifax still shows the business info and how many trades are
currently reporting.
Once you actually have a file with them you know you are on the right path.

Experian - http://sbcr.experian…Bbusrep_marquee

Equifax - http://www.equifax.c…it-report/en_sb

Any questions about ANYTHING? Post up here and let me know! I will be more
than happy to help.

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HOW TO LOCATE ARCHIVED DOCUMENTS via #OmnipresenceMedia @VickensMoscova Micha-El Bey @VM_Enterprises

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Here are some emails inquiring where to get certified documents from the US
Archives, State Archives (PA, SC, GA), Library of Congress, etc…

Dear Mr.:

This is in response to your email inquiry of May 6, 2014, regarding
information on how to obtain certified copies of 22 listed documents.

*Documentstional Archives,
Washington, DC. Documents and page counts are below:

1. Articles of Confederation = 9 pages

2. Constitution of the United States of America = 4 pages

3. Declaration of Independence = 1 page

4. U.S./Morocco Treaty of Peace & Friendship, 1786 (Original Arabic text)
= 25 pages

5. U.S./Morocco Treaty of Peace & Friendship, 1786 (English text) = 8 pages

6. U.S./Algiers of Peace & Amity, 1795 (English/Turkish texts) = 26 pages;
there is no separate English translation for this treaty

7. U.S./Tripoli Treaty of Peace & Friendship, 1796 (English/Arabic texts)
= 16 pages

8. U.S./Tunis Treaty of Peace & Friendship, 1797 (French & Turkish texts)
= 18 pages; English translation = 7 pages

9. U.S./Great Britain Treaty of Paris, 1783 = 9 pages

10. U.S./Great Britain Treaty of Ghent, 1814 = 25 pages

15. Executive Order 13107 of December 10, 1998 (Implementation of Human
Rights Treaties) = 5 pages

20. Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857, U.S. Supreme Court Case 3230 = 38 pages

Paper copies of the above documents can be ordered for 80 cents a page & we
do have a minimum mail order fee of $20.00. Certification of each document
is a additional $15.00. If you wish to place an order, please contact me.

*Documents the National Archives - they
are State documents and not Federal Government documents.

11. Constitution of Georgia, 1777

12. Charter of Georgia, 1732

13. Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, State Bar of Georgia

14. Georgia Rules of Court

For information and obtaining copies, I recommend contacting the Georgia
Archives, 5800 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA 30260; their telephone


*Documentsd documents.

16. UN Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

17. UN Convention on the Prevention an Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,

18. UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966

19. UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007

For copies, I recommend contacting the United Nations Dag Hammarskjold
Library, UN Headquarters-Room L-105, First Ave. at 46th St., New York, NY
10017; their telephone number is 212-963-3000


*Documentcord - not a Federal Government

21. Sundry Free Moors Act, 1790 (South Carolina House Representative)

To obtain a copy, I recommend contacting the South Carolina Department of
Archives and History, 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 29223; their
telephone number is 803-896-6104


*Document - not a Federal Government

22. Resolution 75 of 1933, adopted May 4th, Pennsylvania House Journal

To obtain a copy, I recommend contacting Brooke Wheeler, House of the House
of Representatives Right to Know Officer, Pennsylvania House of
Representatives, 133 Main Capital Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120-2220. Her
telephone number is 717-787-7431



Jane Fitzgerald


Archives 1 Reference Section

Research Services - Washington, DC


Dear :

To order a certified copy of Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Resolutioh American Society as it
appears in the published *Journal of the House of Representatives of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania*, Record Group 7 (see:
send a check or money order payable to the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA
for $40.00 (orders from outside Pennsylvania) or $30.00 (orders from
Pennsylvania residents) to the address below along with a copy of this
e-mail. Each additional certified copy of the published Resolution ordered
at the same time is $15.00 per copy. Please allow at least 3-5 weeks for
completion and delivery of your order.

Feel free to contact me at the telephone number or e-mail address below if
you have further questions about this matter.


Jonathan R. Stayer I Supervisor of Reference Services
Pennsylvania State Archives
350 North Street I Harrisburg, PA 17120-0090
Phone: 717.783.2669

E-mail: jstayer@pa.gov


*From:* Dean Fambro

*Sent:* Thursday, May 08, 2014 12:19 PM
*To:* PH, State Archives
*Subject:* How to obtain a Certified document

I would like to receive information on how to obtain a “Certified” copy of
this document:

Resolution 75 of 1933 adopted May 4th, Pennsylvania House Journal

Thank you for your time,

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